Rates 2020

2020202020/3 - 31/03/202010/4 - 13/4/202012/6 - 7/7/202023/10 - 1/11/20202/12 - 12/12/202013/12 - 13/1/2021
DescriptionLow SeasonWeekendsAprilEaster WeekendJune/July OctoberDecember December
1 Bedroom UnitsLibra Unit 2R600.00 p/nR600.00 p/nR900.00 p/nR1200.00 p/nR700.00 p/nR850.00 p/nR1000.00 p/nR1250.00 p/n
Libra Unit 5R500.00 p/nR600.00 p/nR850.00 p/nR1100.00 p/nR650.00 p/nR800.00 p/nR900.00 p/nR1250.00 p/n
2 Bedroom UnitsLibra Unit 9R650.00 p/nR700.00 p/nR1050.00 p/nR1350.00 p/nR850.00 p/nR1200.00 p/nR1300.00 p/nR1600.00 p/n
Nat Spat 2R750.00 p/nR750.00 p/nR1100.00 p/nR1500.00 p/nR900.00 p/nR1500.00 p/nR1500.00 p/nR1700.00 p/n
3 Bedroom UnitsLibra Units 1 R850.00 p/nR900.00 p/nR1400.00 p/nR1400.00 p/nR950.00 p/nR1250.00 p/nR1600.00 p/nR2200.00 p/n
Libra Unit 3R900.00 p/nR1200.00 p/nR2500.00 p/nR2500.00 p/nR1800.00 p/nR2000.00 p/nR2000.00 p/nR3500.00 p/n
Libra Unit 4R800.00 p/nR850.00 p/nR1400.00 p/nR1400.00 p/nR950.00 p/nR1250.00 p/nR1600.00 p/nR2200.00 p/n
Libra Unit 6R800.00 p/nR900.00 p/nR1500.00 p/nR1600.00 p/nR950.00 p/nR1250.00 p/nR1600.00 p/nR2200.00 p/n
Penthouse UnitsLibra Unit 7R950.00 p/nR950.00 p/nR1400.00 p/nR1800.00 p/nR1100.00 p/nR1400.00 p/nR1900.00 p/nR2300.00 p/n
Libra Unit 8R850.00 p/nR900.00 p/nR1400.00 p/nR1650.00 p/nR1000.00 p/nR1300.00 p/nR1800.00 p/nR2250.00 p/n
Semi Self-CateringDesired RestR500.00 p/nR500.00 p/nR600.00 p/nR650.00 p/nR600.00 p/nR600.00 p/nR650.00 p/nR800.00 p/n

There is a once off admin fee of R400.00 per flat and a once off linen fee of R90.00 per person per week for the washing of the linen during and after your stay.

Easter Weekend Rates
These rates only apply to the Easter weekend bookings of 4 nights. Should clients book for 7 nights or more (which includes the Easter weekend), then the Easter Holiday rates apply and clients DO NOT pay the higher weekend rates.

All rates are subject to change.